Sipa 2005–2009 / 서울국제판화사진아트페어

SIPA 2009 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

 KOREA   Art’n Dream Gallery  Ink­ing Print­mak­ing Workshop    SINGAPORE, U.S.A.  Andrew­shire Gallery
  Art­side Gallery  Keum­san Gallery   JAPAN  Art Front Gallery
  Gallery Ban­di­tra­zos  Kim­jae­sun Gallery      Les Edi­tions d’FMR
  Galerie Bhak  Kim­nae­hyun Art Gallery   GERMANY  Bode Galerie & Edition
  Chung Art Gallery  Kimy­oungseob Photo Gallery   FINLAND  Gallery Him­mel­blau
  Dongsan­bang Gallery  Kukje Gallery   AUSTRALIA  Gallery Hm
  Gana Art Gallery  Gallery Lux   ITALY  Gal­le­ria Il Bulino
  Grim­son Gallery  Na Gallery       
  Hak­go­jae  Nine Gallery      
  Hana Art Gallery  Gallery Now      
  Hyundai Print  Galerie PICI       
  Gallery Ihn  Philo Print       
  Gallery Indeco  Pyo Gallery      
  Gallery Jung  Gallery Seo­jong      
  Gallery SP  Gallery SIM      
  UM Gallery  Gallery Soheon & Soheon Con­tem­po­rary              
  Well­side Gallery  Gallery Yemac      
  Woong Gallery        

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SIPA 2008 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

KOREA   Art­side Gallery   Ink­ing Print­mak­ing Workshop   ITALY  Almoyoos
   Gallery Ban­di­tra­zos    Gallery Lux  HK  Art Bea­tus Gallery
   Galerie Bhak    Gallery Miroon­amu  INDIA  Art Intaglio
   Cais Gallery    Na Gallery  GERMANY  Bode Galerie & Edition
   Chung Art Gallery    Gallery Namoo    Galerie Fet­zer
   Galerie de Lee    Nine Gallery  VENEZUELA  Galerie Ertl  
   Dongsan­bang Gallery    Gallery Now  CUBA  Estu­dio 61  
   Gana Art Gallery    Park Ryu Sook Gallery  SPAIN  Fer­nando Alcolea
   Graphic Stu­dio    Philo Print   JAPAN  EDEL Gallery
   Green Graph­ics    Philip Kang Gallery    Gallery Goto
   Hana Art Gallery    Galerie PICI    Gallery Itsut­suji
   Hyundai Print    Pyo Gallery     Gallery Kawa­fune
   Gallery Ihn    Gallery Rooh    Nishimura Gallery
   Jean Art Gallery    Gallery Seo­jong    Noda Con­tem­po­rary
   Keum­san Gallery    Gallery SP    Nomart Project Space
   Kim Jin Hye Gallery    Gallery Soheon & Soheon Con­tem­po­rary       Gallery Q
   Kim­nae­hyun Art Gallery    UM Gallery     Shi­rota Gallery
   Kimy­oungseob Photo Gallery    Well­side Gallery    Zeit-Foto Salon
   Korea Art Center    Woong Gallery  CHINA  Ullens Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts
   Kukje Gallery    Yeemock Gallery  NETHERLANDS     Yoshiko Mat­sumoto Gallery
   Gallery Yemac

SIPA 2007 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

 KOREA  Art Com­pany Misoolsidae KOREA The Gal­leries Asso­ci­a­tion of Korea      ITALY  Almoy­oos 
   Art Gallery Chung Dam    Namu Art Gallery  HUNGARY  Approach Gallery
   Art’n Dream Gallery    Gallery Now  SOUTH AFRICA  Art For Humanity
   Art­side Gallery     Park Ryu Sook Gallery  AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA      South­ern Exchange
   Galerie Best    Galerie PICI  JAPAN  Arai Gallery
   Galerie Bhak    Philo Print    EDEL Gallery
   Cais Gallery    Print Workshop-Pan    Gallery Hashimoto
   Chung Art Gallery     Rho Gallery    Junichi Ono Art Gallery
   The Columns Gallery    Gallery Rothem    Gallery Kaze
   Galerie de Lee    Gallery Rooh    Nan­ten­shi Gallery
   Dongsan­bang Gallery    Gallery SIM    Nishimura Gallery
   Gana Art Gallery    Gallery SP     Noda Con­tem­po­rary
   Graphic Stu­dio    Gallery Seo­jong    Nomart Project Space
   Green Graphic    Gallery Skape    Shi­rota Gallery
   Gallery Hami­gang    Gallery Soheon    Gallery Yume
   Hana Art Gallery    UM Gallery    Zeit-Foto Salon
   Han­kuk Art Chain Co. Ltd    Well­side Gallery  U.S.A  Remba Gallery
   Hyundai Print    Yeemock Gallery    Sabina Lee Gallery
   Gallery IHN    Gallery Yemac  INDIA  Turmeric Earth
   Ink­ing Print­mak­ing Workshop      CHINA  BaiYax­uan Art Gallery    
   Jang Tae Sik Gallery  FRANCE  Bau­doin Lebon    
   Keum­san Gallery  GERMANY  Bode Galerie & Edition    
   Kim­nae­hyun Art Gallery  SPAIN  Fer­nando Alcolea    
   Kukje Gallery  ISRAEL  GDK Gallery    
   Na Gallery  POLAND  If Museum Inner Spaces    

SIPA 2006 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

KOREA  Gallery Art­bank     The Gal­leries Asso­ci­a­tion of Korea           ITALY   Almoyoos
   Art­side Gallery    Ink­ing Print­mak­ing Workshop  KYRGYZSTAN     Asian Gallery
   Art Mu Gallery    Kim Jin Hye Gallery  FRANCE  Bau­doin Lebon
   Gallery Bel­larte    Kim­nae­hyun Art Gallery   POLAND  Cra­cow Print Tri­en­nial Society
   Galerie Best    Kimy­oungseob Photo Gallery     If Museum Inner Spaces
   Galerie Bhak    Kukje Gallery   JAPAN  Gallery Kawa­fune
   Chung Art Gallery    Gallery Miz    Kobayashi Gallery
   Chung Jak Gallery    Moon Fine Arts    Koski Gallery
   Galerie de Lee    Na Gallery     Mindbind
   Dongsan­bang Gallery    Namu Art Gallery    Nishimura Gallery
   Fine Print    Print Workshop-Pan    Noda Con­tem­po­rary
   Gallery Focus    Galerie PICI    Shi­rota Gallery
   Galerie Gaia    Philo Print     Yamaki Art Gallery
   Gana Art Gallery    Rho Gallery    Gallery Yume
   Green Graphic    Gallery Rooh    Zeit-Foto Salon
   Hana Art Gallery    Gallery SP     Gallery 21+Yo
   Han­kuk Art Chain Co. Ltd       Gallery Seo­jong  U.S.A.  Remba Gallery
   Gallery Hyundai    Trunk Gallery   CHINA  Red Gate Gallery
   Hyundai Print    UM Gallery  SPAIN  Poligrafa Obra Grafica
   Insa Gallery    Well­side Gallery    
   Jang Tae Sik Gallery    Woong Gallery    
   Keum­san Gallery    Gallery Yemac    
   Gallery Y.S        

SIPA 2005 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

KOREA  Art­side Gallery  KOREA Ink­ing Print­mak­ing Workshop ITALY  Sopaziotemporaneo
   Galerie Bhak    Kimy­oungseob Photo Gallery  UK  Stu­dio Print Editions
   Gallery Bel­larte    Keum­san Gallery  AUSTRALIA  Adele­boag Gallery
   Chung Art Gallery    Kukje Gallery   CHILE  Artecontemporaneo
   Chung Jak Gallery    Maek Hyang Gallery  MEXICO  KYRON
   Cre­ation Art Gallery    Gallery Mee  SPAIN  Cegrac Edi­tions
   Cos­mos Gallery    Gallery Moon  LUXEMBOURG  Mediart
   Galerie de Lee    Namu Art Gallery  BELGIUM   Edi­tions Tandem
   Dongsan­bang Gallery    Print Workshop-Pan  U.S.A  Remba Gallery
   Gana Art Gallery     Galerie PICI   JAPAN  Shi­rota Gallery
   Graphic Stu­dio    Pyo Gallery    Ori­moto Tatsumi
   Green Graph­ics    Gallery Rooh    Arai Gallery
   Gallery Hyundai     Gallery SP    Art Mu Gallery
   Gallery IHN    UM Gallery     Gallery Sta­tion Co. Ltd
   Hana Art Gallery    Well­side Gallery    Gallery Ikeda-Bijutsu
   Han­kuk Art Chain Co. Ltd    Yeemock Gallery    Gallery Kawa­matsu
   Insa Gallery    Gallery Yemac    Gallery Kaze
   Johyun Gallery  CHINA  A&Y Stu­dio    Galerie Miyawaki
   Kim­nae­hyun Art Gallery     Soka Con­tem­po­rary Space    Gallery Om
           Yamaki Art Gallery
           Gallery Yume
           Gallery You
           Zeit-Foto Salon
           Gallery 21+Yo